Raindrops on Gumnuts - SOLD
Last Night I Dreamt About Whales - SOLD
Garden Symphony
Sacred Kingfisher II
Diaphanous Lifeforms
Calyptorhynchus Banksii - SOLD
Ocean Cradle - SOLD
Kingfisher - SOLD
Wedge-Tailed Eagle - SOLD
Splendid Fairy Wren - SOLD
Whale Dance - SOLD
One Tree at Barragga Bay - SOLD
Lyre Bird
Baby Magpies - SOLD
Business Time
Eastern Spinebill Honeyeater
Superb Fairy Wrens - SOLD
Pink and Grey Galah SOLD
Black Cockatoo - SOLD
Sea Eagle - SOLD
'Curious Magpie'
Short Point - Merimbula - SOLD
Blue Pool II - SOLD
March of the Soldier Crabs - SOLD
Blue Crab - SOLD
Midnight Skinny-dip - SOLD
Crosswinds - SOLD
Crossing the Sand Bar
Drinking Sunshine - SOLD
Ocean Energy - SOLD
Moonlit Waterlilies
Split Decision
Holy Trail
The Ground Beneath Your Feet
Crossing the Reef - SOLD
Kendalls Beach - SOLD
Blue Pool - Bermagui - SOLD
East Beach - SOLD
What the Ocean Gave Me - SOLD
Great Day for the Beach - SOLD
Body Surfers - SOLD
Total Bliss - SOLD
Kiama Ocean Pool - SOLD
Our Family Beach - SOLD
Baby Turtle Bubbles - SOLD
Gerringong Boat-ramp Rockpool - SOLD
Weekend at Austi Beach - SOLD
Aqua Lights - SOLD
Purple Pond - SOLD
Cooma Rocks - SOLD
Isolation at Anna Creek - SOLD
In the Swim of Things - SOLD
Island Hopping - SOLD
Remember the Reef - SOLD
Seascaped - SOLD
Sunlit Seabed - SOLD
Spring Rain - SOLD
Rock Dogster - SOLD
Lets go Swimming - SOLD
Flippers For Hire - SOLD
Baby Sea Turtle SOLD
Baby Tawny Frogmouth - SOLD
Cheeky Emu - SOLD
Egg Head - SOLD
Retro Bird Brain - SOLD
Bird Brain - SOLD
Magpie Stare - SOLD
Hello Maggie - SOLD
Tight n Twisty - SOLD
Board rider Bunch - SOLD
Fire Roads - SOLD
Beached Bluebottles - SOLD
Lotus Pond - SOLD
Noosa National Park - SOLD
Wattamolla - SOLD
Kiama Rockpool - SOLD
Morning Laps - SOLD
The Beach at My Back Door - SOLD
Meet you at the Rockpool - SOLD
The Calm Beneath - SOLD
Off the Leash - SOLD
Beneath the Wave - SOLD
Two Worlds Collide - SOLD
Saltwater Pool - SOLD
When the Sun Meets the Sea - SOLD
Summer on the Rocks - SOLD
Waterlilies for Gemma - SOLD
Shoreline Seagulls - SOLD
Underwater Lilies - SOLD
Green Velvet Track - SOLD
Forest Walk - SOLD
Harley Goes Camping - SOLD
Finding Reflections - SOLD
Freycinet TAS - SOLD
Misha - SOLD
Mini Wave Triptych - SOLD
Bermagui Beagle- Private Collection
Blue Pebbles - SOLD
Nightswhim - SOLD
Road Furniture - SOLD
Team Spirit - SOLD
Classic Cobbles - SOLD
Echelon - SOLD
Le Tour - SOLD
Crash - SOLD
Breakaway - SOLD
Ocean Opals - SOLD
Aragunnu - SOLD
John Deere 3020 - SOLD
Rapture - SOLD
Aquadream - SOLD
Bayside Bathers - SOLD
Wings Over the Sea - SOLD
MTB in the NP - SOLD
Blaise Amongst the Bluegums - SOLD
Life's a little Beach - SOLD
Life's a Beach - SOLD
Time to Boil the Billy - SOLD
Blue Lagoon Barney - SOLD
Across the Ocean Floor - SOLD
Waves Keep Rolling - SOLD
One Perfect Day - SOLD
Crashing Wave on Rocks - SOLD
Between Rocks and a Fun Place
Lapping the Shore - SOLD
Magpie Family - SOLD
Red Carpet Ride - SOLD
Winter Wave - SOLD
Pebbles - SOLD
South Coast Track - SOLD
Endless Ocean -SOLD
Rainy Track - SOLD
Singletrack Sunshine - SOLD - Prints Avbl
Manly Dam Ride - SOLD
Amongst the Gumtrees - SOLD
Afternoon Forest Ride - SOLD
Found Myself at the Beach
Little Red Riding Jersey - SOLD
Beach Stuff - SOLD
One More Wave - SOLD
Shoreline - SOLD
Shortcut Home - SOLD
Road to Somewhere
Always With You - SOLD
Autumn Forest Ride
Waiting for the Wave - SOLD
Wild Ocean -SOLD
Bush Track - SOLD
Just Breathe - SOLD
Summer Days - SOLD
After the Fires - SOLD
Desert River - SOLD
A Day at the Beach - SOLD
Tranquility - SOLD
Forest of Ferns - SOLD
Bidon on Cobbles
Run the Dog - SOLD
Gone Swimming - SOLD
Aerial of NT - SOLD
Moonlit Cobbles
Singletrack - SOLD
Rockledge - SOLD
Turon River
Pebbly Beach - SOLD
Everything & Nothing - SOLD
Beach Buddies - SOLD
Gentle Waves - SOLD
Over the Top - SOLD
Across the Rockpool - SOLD
Into The Forest He Goes - SOLD
The Sandbank - SOLD
Wait for Me - SOLD
Beach Candy - SOLD
Time To Myself - SOLD
Underwater Flight - SOLD
Dry Riverbed - SOLD
Winter Walk - SOLD
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