Feathertail Glider
Pigment Pencil on Bristol Paper
377m x 397mm framed in sustainably sourced Tasmanian Oak with non-reflective ArtGlass
The feathertail glider, (Acrobates pygmaeus )also known as the pygmy gliding possum, is a marsupial native to eastern Australia. It is the world’s smallest gliding mammal (adults weighing 15g) and is named for its long feather-shaped tail. Their diet consists of insects, plant exudates, pollen, honeydew, nectar, and seeds. The gliders’ long, brushy tongues assist with feeding on pollen — their predominant source of protein — and nectar. They may also feed on pollen that attaches to their fur after contact with flowers. They tend to live in communal groups of between 5 to 30 individuals and the breeding cycle is all year round in the Northern parts and spring, summer to late winter in the South. They have a life expectancy of 4 years in the wild.
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